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What Leadership Isn’t…

January 18, 2015


If you have “yes men” following you, you aren’t a leader, you’re in trouble ~ The Cognoscenti LLC © 2012

2015 is Here, Are You?

January 18, 2015


New Year, new you, right? Well if you are ready for that shift in your thinking and doing as a leader and/or organization, let us help you redefine and refine your leadership and help with your OD solutions!

Be Prepared, Your Big Moment is Coming

October 7, 2014


Will Smith’s Words of Wisdom #MotivationMonday

August 4, 2014

2 We all need a little reminder that when we put our minds to something, amazing things can happen. People that are successful recognize the power that self-thought leadership has – translation, the influence of your thinking on your actions. Don’t limit yourself! Harness your mental power to focus on being successful! Once you taste […]

First They Will Laugh

July 8, 2014


Some of the greatest innovations were first fodder for amusement and commentary. With persistence, what was once fodder became novelty, as people became more interested and curious. As curiosity rose, so so did fascination, adulation, disruption, and ultimately success. As they say, you know you have arrived when they copy you… Any doubt? Ask Apple.. […]

#TOTD: Elevation Requires Separation

June 13, 2014


As you continue to grow and develop both personally and professionally, you will find that your circles or networks will change. Those that support and encourage your growth will continue to do so actively or passively based on their perception of the value they can bring. Those who are envious or jealous will begin to […]

A Handy Feedback Sheet

June 12, 2014


Originally posted on Win More Grants:
Using the model described in the Win More Grants eBook, here is a accompanying handy feedback sheet that you can use to solicit feedback from colleagues. Link to PDF: grant_proposal_feedback_sheet Feedback sheet