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June 16, 2015


 Always plan to be a success in what you do, but never forget to give back by doing good deeds #PayTheUniverse  

The 3 M’s of Leadership

March 14, 2015


 As leaders, we are constantly challenged  with making magic happen daily for our organizations and teams.  How we do so centers in part around 3 core M’s – managing, monetizing, and mentoring. Management is just that – how we manage people, processes and systems. It’s how we wrangle all of the puppies into the […]

Do You Know Your A-B-C’s ?!?

March 5, 2015


Do you know your A-B-C’s?  Always know the priority of the people in your life who can influence your career progression.  Be careful not to place the wrong priority on them.    A – Your Boss Your boss is always your top priority. When your boss is an amazing and talented person that you […]

An A.R.K. for the Frozen Middle

February 8, 2015


Front line leadership sees the attention of those that work below them as well as those that work above them. They have a level of responsibility that keeps them on someone’s radar. Middle managers, however, tend to be the frozen middle. They have the power to influence and drive change, but get little of the […]

Who is Assisting You With Your Destiny?

January 25, 2015


You have to have someone assist you to get to your destiny.. Seek partners, mentors, and collaborators that will give wise counsel to move you in the direction you need to go…

Success is…

January 23, 2015


When you see success, you don’t often see the sweat equity that went into it; the daily incremental effort that moved the needle. You don’t see the setbacks, failure or frustration. In fact, in most cases it seems as if success came quickly and easily. The reality is that for most people, success was about […]

Be Where Your Feet Are…

January 20, 2015


You are often told that you have to think and move two steps ahead, act like you are where you are trying to go. That advice is great, but what they forget to tell you is that you also need to be where your feet are… It’s call being present with foresight. Failure to be […]

What Leadership Isn’t…

January 18, 2015


If you have “yes men” following you, you aren’t a leader, you’re in trouble ~ The Cognoscenti LLC © 2012

2015 is Here, Are You?

January 18, 2015


New Year, new you, right? Well if you are ready for that shift in your thinking and doing as a leader and/or organization, let us help you redefine and refine your leadership and help with your OD solutions!

Be Prepared, Your Big Moment is Coming

October 7, 2014