Do You Know Your A-B-C’s ?!?

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Do you know your A-B-C’s?  Always know the priority of the people in your life who can influence your career progression.  Be careful not to place the wrong priority on them.  

A – Your Boss

Your boss is always your top priority. When your boss is an amazing and talented person that you love and respect, this is easy. When your boss is someone that you feel conflict with, there is a challenge, but you must respect the office and the role regardless of how you feel about the person.  Be mindful of backing your boss into a corner unless you are a skilled cage fighter because even still, their positional authority will take you out.

B – Your Mentor

The good ones tell you what you need to hear in a way that ensures you hear it. They will advise you on your brand (perceptions versus ideal versus real) .  They will help you navigate the murky waters of office politics and tell you how to save yourself if you get grounded or off course.  They will also give you advice on your career path, helping you figure out who you want to be when you grow up. Your mentor is in essence your consigliere – they advise you based on their depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, but make no mistake, they are not your boss so be wise not to put them ahead of your boss.

C – Your Sponsor

Your sponsor is someone of power, affluence and influence who is well respected and well positioned in the company. This is the person who will advocate for you at the table to either support your boss or counteract the negative noise.  This is the person who can open doors for you based on their credentials. By association, you reap some benefited but your performance must deliver results or both of your reputations and brands will be tarnished.  

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