Know Where the Cliff Is, then Act Like Its Not There

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What often holds us back from great success, happiness or even a sense of fulfillment is fear. Fear of the unkown, fear of failure, or even fear of reaching our potential.  These fears act as barriers between who or where we are and who we can become or where we can go.  While it is never wise to proceed errantly, throwing caution to the wind, we can create a mind set that allows us to escape our comfort zones, explore new opportunities and take calculated risks.

Studies show that as humans, we find comfort in the familiar and view the unknown as a threat and not an opportunity. By having this mindset, our dreams remain that, just dreams and our lives are cluttered with “what if’s”. Entrepreuers and leaders operate from a different perspective. One that allows for calculated risks because they have clearly defined goals and values to guide their choices. As such, they know where their cliffs are.

Knowing where your cliff is isn’t enough though. You must also adjust your thinking regarding failure. Leaders and entrepreneuers view failures as almost necessary stepping stones in the path of where they are going. Failures allow us to explore options and learn more about ourselves as well as create a paradigm that we can apply to similiar circumstances. Failure is nothing more than experiential learning that advises us about what may or may not be on the other side of each cliff.

Fear of the unkown prevents us from taking chances.  Once you know how far you can go,it becomes easier to take risks.  Take time to know where the cliff is, then once you do, you can get as close it as you feel comfortable, even to the point where you act like it isn’t there.

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