Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycles Part II – The “Do”

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The “DO” is what you do each day to meet the goals outlined in your PLAN – complete the work in an efficient manner, following the process, eliminating or reducing any of the 7 forms of waste (will save this for another post) along the way. Remember, your PLAN outlines the goals (objectives and target outcomes) and the steps to get there (methods). These steps may be general on the PLAN itself but the day to day is where the specifics come into play as far as what you actually DO.
So using another example, say your PLAN is to secure funding for a teen outreach project.
The DO would be the steps that you are taking to secure the funding – developing a teen outreach program (if you don’t have one already), identifying potential funding sources and their respective application deadlines, writing your proposal to request funding and submitting your request to the grant makers.
In the world of operations (manufacturing, etc.), there are typically boards in the work areas that allow you to see where the departments are during the course of their daily DO-ing. Something similar can be done in other arenas as well. For example, the thermometer to track the amount of money raised towards a funding goal, a GANTT chart to track the progress towards completion of a project at a consulting office, or even your own To Do list. All of these things support your or someone else’s ability to “go and see” which is a big part of kaizen – anyone should be able to “go” to your board, thermometer, GANTT chart or To Do list and “see” how you are doing, which is why they are so important (visual management).

This is a good transition into the next installment…

Next Installment….the “C” – Checking on what you have done or are doing…

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